MISG - Projects in which I am involved

Current Projects

  • Memodules: As Tangible Shortcuts to Multimedia Information (Hasler Foundation , 2006 -200 8 , Priority: Man-Machine Interaction). Tangible interfaces can be useful to establish links between our memory and information. We call them "MEMODULES". They roost abstract information in the real world through tangible shortcuts. MEMODULES are tiny tagged physical objects containing a link towards information sources that can be further accessed by several devices. We consider them as tangible hypermarks, i.e. embedded hyperlinks to abstract information attached to everyday physical objects. This project aims at designing, implementing and evaluating MEMODULES facilitating (a) information access and categorization and also (b) the control of everyday devices.

    keywords: ambient intelligent, multimodal interaction, tangible interface, human-computer interaction, user-centered design, RFID technology

  • HUMAVOX: HUMAVOX : HUman MAchine VOice eXchange ( HES-SO, 2006- 2009, Priority: Interfaces for Intelligent Environments). This project concerns the development of an innovative framework for supporting and enhancing speech recognition techniques by taking into account also noise information.

    keywords: speech recognition, speech synthesis, multimodal interaction, human-computer interaction, medical report

    For more details please look at Memoria-Mea Webiste
  • Memoria-Mea: Memoria-Mea: Store, classify, search and visualize personal information ( HES-SO, 2007- 2010, Priority: Interfaces for Intelligent Environments) The goal of the project is to develop a PIM (Personal Information Management) system for managing multimedia content. The system will provide the user with personalized information supporting contextualized browsing and searching activities. The system will be based on existing generic indexing and classification tools and will add to those systems an additional indexing level based on a semantic model which takes into account user's profile and preferences.

    keywords: personal information management, indexing, semantic model, ontology, information visualization

    For more details please look at Memoria-Mea Webiste

  • Inter-Face:
  • 6eme sens: Augmented Reality enhances the user perception by overlaying real world information with virtual computer-generated information. The aims of the 6th Sense project are to maximize the user experience in mobile Augmented Reality and to improve the context-aware realtime interaction between the real environment and the virtual world.
  • SMAC: The goal of SMAC project (Smart Multimedia Archive for Conferences) is to create a tool allowing the acquisition, storage, analysis and consultation of conference archives. The data contained in these archives, made of papers (static documents), slideshows, audio/video files and/or speech transcriptions, will be all aligned, i.e. temporal, thematic, image alignments. A prototype of the acquisition system will be installed in a conference room at the EIA-FR.
  • SmartWheelChair: The Smart Wheelchair project aims to develop a system to allow a free and independent mobility for wheelchair users.
  • Aphrodite-Glance: Aphrodite est une tête mécanique construite en 2 dimensions sous forme d'un tableau. Ce tableau représente le visage de la Venus de Botticelli. Aphrodite peut recréer des émotions grâce à 19 moteurs, elle émet des messages sonores sous forme d'onomatopées et elle peut interagir avec les visiteurs au travers d'Internet ou d'un téléphone portable. De plus, elle est équipée de caméras miniatures fixées dans ses yeux, lui permettant d'observer les visiteurs.
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Former Projects
  • MediCoordination: le but du projet MediCoordination est de proposer des solutions concrètes à l’interopérabilité de dossiers électroniques de patients entre les hôpitaux et les acteurs métiers de la santé (cabinets de médecin, homes médicalisés, infirmières, etc.). Cet échange correspond à un réel besoin médical et financier demandé par nos partenaires du secteur médical. Il est une priorité de la toute récente stratégie eSanté de la Confédération. Enfin, ce projet permettra à la HES-SO de se positionner dans un champ d’actions pluridisciplinaire.
  • CR2000: Authoring Environment for the course development using computer supported teachware and interactive distant learning. Description (objectifs, méthodes, perspectives) : The rapid and convergent development of new information and communication technologies leads to a growing need for education and training on all levels to disseminate knowledge about use and possibilities of the new technologies for economy and society
  • MEDIT:Multimedia Environment for Distributed Interactive Teaching. The project aims at providing an authoring environment for the elaboration of Web-based interactive courses that fully exploit the advantages of NTIC (New Technologies for Information and Communication).
  • COALA: Content-Oriented Audiovisual Library Access. The aim of the project is to design and implement a digital audio-visual archive system for TV broadcasters and video archive owners with facilities to provide effective content-based access to both professional and non-professional users. The main design features of our system are: Integration of both mechanisms of advanced querying and navigation of audio-visual data, Feedback from browsing to querying, and Personalisation of advanced querying and navigation interfaces based on different user profiles.